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Best City In the World For Expats!

I mean, we knew this already, but we didn't want toooooo many people to know it, because we love our city just the way it is!

But, we cant keep it to ourselves any longer. The secret is out. Valencia has been ranked number 1 out of 50 cities worldwide for expats to live, as well as being 1st in the Quality of Life Index.

We've had so many of our guests using our guesthouse as a base whilst exploring their options of a permanent move or getting a holiday apartment to escape their not so nice winters. We've also seen a growing amount of guests coming from the US to consider Valencia as a retirement option (it's really not rocket science is it!)

So much so is the demand, we have teamed with another independent business to help our guests navigate the process of moving.

So, if this is something you have been considering, we've got the house for you to stay in whist doing some ground research, as well as the contacts to help you continue the process when you inevitably have to return "home".

Its far from an easy process, but we can assure you its worth the effort. You can trust us, we've done it! This is why we know how beneficial it is, to have help, support and contacts who can make this one smooth journey.

So, what are you waiting for?

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