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European Green Capital 2024

What do you think of when you think of visiting Valencia? Paella of course, Agua

de Valencia perhaps? But definitely the year round sunshine! But if responsible, sustainable travel and climate change is something you think about, then perhaps Valencia has been of more interest to you in recent times.

We already knew Valencia was racing ahead in green innovation, and last week, Valencia was awarded Europe's Green Capital of 2024 (Tallinn last year was awarded for 2023) for our achievements in climate neutrality and sustainable tourism.

In winning this, a small gesture of 60,000Euros was awarded to enhance even further its green developments. But we're not just resting there.... also hoping to win in December, a 1million Euro prize if we're crowned the European Capital of Innovation!

So why did we win? Based upon not just what we have already done, but also on plans for the future. The 4 categories being the increase in green infrastructure and the promotion of urban biodiversity, the climate mission and energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and the recovery of public spaces and sustainable food. This can be seen across the city with the main plaza's being pedestrianized,, pushes for walking and cycling around the city, increased park areas and more!

This summer we've had so many guests staying whilst here for various conferences and events, its been super interesting to meet the minds behind innovations and design and staying in our guesthouse was an awesome way for them to network!

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