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Las Fallas

Las Fallas is a traditional celebration held each year through March in memory of Saint Joseph. Who that is, I don't know but I guess he was an important guy!

Normally, the five main days are celebrated 15 to 19 March, while the Mascletà; the fireworks and incredible display of noise (otherwise called la pirotecnia) takes place every day from 1 to 19 March at 2pm at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento... (I recommend checking it out on YouTube). It’s so loud, they say to keep your mouth slightly open so as not to damage your hearing from the excessive decibels!

We have yet to experience the true spectacle that is Las Fallas, due to it being cancelled the past 2 years. However this year, celebrations are from the 1-5th September, where we are getting a taste of what is to come in normal times! It seems people here either love it or hate it, and for those who hate it, they just leave Valencia city, as there's no avoiding it! That being said, it is a huge attraction for tourists who will flock to the city to be involved!

From religious ceremonies, paella, churros and cocktails in the street, fireworks being set off by children, the costumes, or the art and the political humor of the Ninots (the huge sculptures) it’s a festival for the entire family that I believe has to be experienced at least once – where else in the world is there going to be a firework display in the middle of the day, 6 floor high sculptures in most streets and the city being “on fire” on the last day?!

But don’t worry, if you happen to miss Las Fallas on your visit to Valencia, there is a museum so you can get a feel for the traditions, and see each year's winning sculptures which are the only ones that don't get burned on the last day of "la crema".

Here are just a few of the pictures from this year, so far!

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