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I didn't see this coming!It's been over a year since we had our honeymoon, and we've had quite the unusual first year of marriage!We got back to the UK mid September 2019, then spent the next 4 months back and forth between the UK and Valencia, Spain.I returned to the UK mid February 2020 to work for a few weeks and left Leon in Valencia. But then this thing called Covid-19 came along, which led to me being stuck in the UK working for just over 5 months (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise both financially and for our marriage, if we had both been in the severe Spanish lockdown stuck in a cold dark apartment together, divorce may have been on the horizon!)Putting his time alone in Spain to good use, Leon somehow managed to find a beautiful 5 bedroom townhouse in an excellent location, with an owner agreeable to our idea.... Opening a guesthouse!

You might be wondering where this idea of opening a guesthouse came from. We both decided a while back that we didn't want to get caught in the rat race of working long, hard shifts and continuing to be passing ships (chef and nurse life is a great combination if you don't want to see your partner!)

My cousin, Matt and his partner Ola, have been running a guesthouse in Canada for years and has also opened one more recently in Malta. Leon and Matt had been speaking about this prospect but I had always been reluctant. Leons an opportunity and risk taker, he see's challenges and that excites him, whereas I see all the "what if's," the "How's" and barriers to success. But that's why I think we make a good team, (as long as we work with each others strengths... Leons over confidence with my risk assessing!) We want to get the most out of this life, we want to see the world and have new experiences. And opening a guesthouse will (as long as we don't end up bankrupt #covid-19 #brexit) afford us that oppertunity, whilst providing the same for others. So, we've found a house, we're now financially invested, and there's been a lot of work going on to get us set up to be able to start taking bookings for September. But for now, we continue working behind the scenes, planning the furnishing and decorating of a house I have still never seen, so that when we go back to Valencia in August we can get ourselves set up as quickly as possible!!

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